• I am an RN and use to work 12 hour shifts. Within a 12 hour shift there really isn’t time to eat one meal let alone 3. Great full families would always bring cookies, donuts, and seeds, candies to
    us to say thank you. I guess you can see where this was leading. Weight gain, lethargy, just poor overall health. I was so busy taking care of others I didn’t take care of myself. Rather than changing my behavior I complained. One day another RN shared with me a packet of JUVO. I couldn’t imagine this green drink tasting good. To my dismay it was great! I personally love it with light soy milk. It is delicious, filling, healthy, and portable. I am now a traveling hospice RN. I always have a packet with me on the go. I find myself in the middle of nowhere and I can just add my JUVO to water and have an instant healthy meal. I now share this with others. When it’s another nurses B­Day I always give a shaker with a packet of JUVO inside. So, thanks for teaching me and helping remember my health is just as important! I couldn’t imagine a day without JUVO….I even take Pilates for my health now!!!!

    Nicole Zoet, CA
  • I discovered JUVO by sheer luck ­ I had been feeling bloated, exhausted and generally unhealthy, and I knew I needed something to jump start a real change in my life. JUVO looked well researched and formulated, so I used it as the basis of a combination of a raw food makeover
    and detox program. Each day I would wake up with a piece of fruit and JUVO with water and hike up into the park adjacent to our home and then drink JUVO pretty much whenever I got hungry throughout the day. I recall that time fondly due to the incredible reserves of energy I had after a relatively short time! I’m ready to make JUVO part of my life once again, and hopefully for good this time.

    Hans Kindt, CA