• I tried JUVO for the first time almost two years ago. I had gained about 20 pounds from a car accident and because of the injuries keeping me out of the gym, I was having a hard time taking the weight off. My mom took me to a Chinese herbalist where he gave me some root teas to drink in place of my regular meals. I did this for 4 weeks and amazingly, I lost the weight! Great news, but what could I do to make sure I kept it off? He gave me a week’s supply of JUVO, and I have been hooked ever since! I mix it with a greens juice and it is absolutely amazing! I am going back to school to pursue my pharmacy degree but I am also doing research in the benefits of raw eating for all ailments! I can’t stop telling everyone about eating raw and about your product JUVO! Thank you!

    Candace S, CA
  • I travel extensively for work and often times am stuck with very limited ways to get my daily vitamins and minerals. JUVO has helped keep me well by boosting my immune system and it is really simple. I bring my travel cup and JUVO packets from home and purchase individual serving sizes of rice milk. I then mix them all together and voila, I’ve got a nutritious start to my day!
    At home I throw in the blender with some mixed dried greens and often use a mixture of rice and almond milk. Yummy!

    Sarah Coniglio, NY