• “I found JUVO at a wholefoods store in W. Hollywood about one month ago. Previously I had been always searching for new diets and supplements. Over the past ten or more years I have tried dozens of different vitamin products; protein shakes and combinations of diets, including Atkins­ you name it, I’ve probably tried or read about it. The person displaying JUVO was very informed and the “raw food” aspect really intrigued me since I had recently started investigating raw foods. Once I tried JUVO I was hooked. The taste was pleasant, the consistency felt right and that same day or the next day I noticed a lack of my usual ‘snack’ hunger. JUVO had left me feeling more satisfied than just ordinary meals. Now I use it everyday, without fail, and recommend it to my friends. Keep up the good work!”

    John Dunn, CA
  • This is the best tasting raw food supplement out there. It tastes to me like malted milk powder with extra and outstanding ingredients that are not often found in commercial products.
    I only discovered it about six months ago. I notice that I feel so much better on the days I drink it than when I don’t. I have more energy. It’s filling and I look forward to having it. I also recommend it to everyone I meet.

    Suz Stapler, NJ