• “Over two years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer in her jaw. She had surgery, and her prognosis was good. Unfortunately, the cancer returned, which meant that she was going to have to remain on a liquid diet.
    According to the nutritionist, the only way to satisfy her 2000 calories daily
    requirement was by feeding her canned drinks loaded with artificial sweeteners
    and chemically formulated nutrients.

    Knowing the importance of high­quality, real food nutrition, especially while my mother was going through chemotherapy, we started searching for a raw food meal supplement that could be mixed into a liquid and that was free of sugar and genetically modified ingredients. We discovered JUVO.

    Just reading the ingredient list convinced us we were on the right track.
    JUVO is easy to mix, and a little raw honey gives it delicious flavor.
    To boost the calorie count, we blend it with extra virgin olive oil and organic apple juice.

    My mother has been taking JUVO for four months. She has already exceeded the doctor’s life expectancy prognosis, and she has had minimal side effects from chemotherapy. Most importantly, she has managed to maintain her weight, and she even gained a few pounds in the last few weeks. JUVO has made a tremendous impact on my mother’s quality of life, and we are grateful to have found this wonderful product. Thank you.”

    Lori Cornell, Benning, CA
  • JUVO has helped to improve my health while at the same time coping and dealing with a number of serious medical conditions. What I have found from JUVO is that it helps the immune system. I would like to share with you what it has personally done for me.

    1. Easy & Affordable

    I just open the JUVO pouch anywhere, anytime, and add in my liquid of choice. My favorite is

    JUVO and lukewarm Green Tea. When I am too weak and sick, JUVO is there to give me an entire RAWFOOD MEAL with very little effort. I get all I need to help me gain better health, maintain my energy, and I then have a fighting chance to have a better quality of life. Also I no longer have to purchase as many supplements in pill, powder and liquid forms for my treatment plan.

    2. Benefits

    I start my morning by taking JUVO to give me energy and help me reduce the pain and the stresses of the day. I also found I need a little food like a banana, or cereal to help take my other medications. I experience incredible pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. JUVO helps ease the pain, fatigue, and depression. When I take it twice a day it helps me lose weight, which is critical to my total recovery program, and also I feel an increased level of stamina and my nerves seem to be calmer. My goal is to take JUVO two times a day as a preventative system. Since I have been on JUVO my liver enzymes are showing within a normal range. I think that this product combined with traditional medications can only help one fight off existing disease and help prevent new ones from developing.

    3. Recommendation

    I encourage anyone healthy or unhealthy, young or old to take advantage of this wonderful product. We are going through a paradigm shift in medicine that combines many factors related to food and life styles, JUVO, the freeze dried raw food is one of the keys to anti­aging. My level of energy is better, I am more hopeful, less stressed, and the pain in my joints, and the deep tissue pains are lesser at times.

    Suzanne Vaezi, CA