• In 2008, I went into the hospital with chest pains – a few days later, I was sent to the operating room for heart bypass surgery. The recovery process was slow, and as a result of the stress my body was under, most of my hair grayed and I started to lose my hair.
    A friend introduced me to this. I have been using this product since my surgery – a total of six years. Since then, my hair has grown back thicker, and black. This has been a wonderful change in my morning routine, and I’d like to thank Juvo for these results.

    Vantiva, CA
  • I noticed a couple of days after starting on JUVO that I seemed to have more energy, and that my overall sense of general mood was noticeably up. This has continued and I think I’m going to stay with this product from now on. Also it has a very pleasant taste and is easy to take. I would recommend JUVO at least to try.

    Mark Mathis , CA