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  • Q. Aside from raw foods, how should we consume our regular meals?

    A: The goal of eating raw foods is to eat as many natural ingredients as possible to maximize our immunity.  It is highly effective in preventing and treating sicknesses when you eat other natural products along with JUVO Organic Raw Meal.  We must not forget that we need to change and improve our bad dietary habits.
    A recipe for example:
    -Whole Grains and Cereals
    -1/4 cake of tofu, a cut of fish (as big as 2 ping pong ball)
    – Vegetables and fruits (Root, stem, leaf, fruit / all colored – green, yellow, white, purple, orange colored)
    -Sea vegetables (laver, seaweed, kelp)

    It is important that your normal meals are not too salty and that you try to eat a lot of natural foods with plenty of protein.  If eating out, it is recommended that you eat food where they serve you lots of vegetables, preferably uncooked.

    Also, it is good to snack on raw vegetables and fruits as well as drinking plenty of spring water.  Green tea is also recommended.

  • Q.Why is JUVO so expensive?

    A: JUVO is expensive because we use quality ingredients. We only source the best ingredients to produce a premium product. All of our JUVO products are USDA Organic Certified.

    On a regular basis, most people don’t consume 50+ organic ingredients that cover a spectrum of food groups which include: whole grains, fruits, and veggies, on etc. But with JUVO, you can!

  • Q.What are the distinctive features of JUVO Raw Meal?

    A:The distinctive feature of JUVO Raw Meal is the fact it can be used as a substitute for a healthy nourishing meal.

    First, it is made through Freeze-Drying process.
    We can consume maximum amount of nutrition from the food when vegetables and grains are extracted fresh from the farm or manufacturer.  However, this is almost impossible for the people of 21st century because of their busy schedule.  Therefore, we need to find another way to preserve maximum amount of nutrition from the foods we consume.  Raw food goes through freeze-drying for 24 hours at  -45 Celsius.  Even though it is most expensive technology, this minimizes the loss of nutritional components such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and chlorophyll in food, and keeps their taste, flavor, color and valuable nutrients intact.

    Second, it is very easy to take.
    In order to fulfill our body’s nutritional needs, we need to consume various foods.  However, in reality, these needs are not met in our daily life.  Additionally, our busy schedule often does not allow us to have time for a complete meal.  That is why in order for raw food to be a quick and complete meal; we have filled each serving with 40g of 50 all-natural raw ingredients to fulfill the body’s need.

    Third, JUVO Organic Raw Meal was created with scientific prescription.
    Dr. Hwang, a renowned oncologist specializing in holistic alternative medicine formulated JUVO with the basis of the science of nutrition, pharmacy, and medicine.  JUVO was formulated for diet therapy.

    Fourth, a substitute to JUVO also helps to improve the treatment for sicknesses.
    JUVO Organic Raw Meal is an ideal product because not only does it replace a complete meal, it maximizes our body’s immunity against diseases and increases the patients’ recuperative powers.

  • Q.Who should eat JUVO Organic Raw Meal?

    A: JUVO Organic Raw Meal is the best nutritional food that contains living ingredients of the whole foods such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and chlorophyll. Therefore, it is helpful to everyone from a little child to a patient to the elderly.

    – Those who suffer from stress and pollution
    – Busy professional who have constant headache
    – Students who require concentration
    – Those who have weak immune system and who get tired and sick easily
    – Those who want to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and most degenerative disease
    – Those who cannot digest well and whose stomach is always bloated
    – Patients who are recuperating from a surgery
    – A healthy snack for kids and teenagers
    – Those who suffer from constipation, allergies, and various skin ailment
    – Those who want lean and healthy body
    – Those who loose appetite or simply does not have the time to eat in the morning
    – Those whose diet is irregular due to overload of work
    – Those who want to maintain their health

  • Q. Can I eat JUVO Organic Raw Meal even if I am not sick?

    A: You can eat JUVO even if you are perfectly healthy. JUVO is a revolutionary means to promote preventive health for everyone. If you want a healthy and energetic lifestyle, JUVO Organic Raw Meal is a must.

    JUVO Organic Raw Meal is an ultimate natural product that not only provides nutrition, but also helps the body’s immunity and helps us maintain a healthy life. 

  • Q.How much JUVO Organic Raw Meal do I have to take before I see some result?

    A: The result will show depending on each person’s immunity, degree of sickness, and amount of JUVO they consume on a regular basis.

    The result will vary among people but, many people benefit from the result within a month.

    However, in order for our body to change our cell structure through raw food, it requires at least over 3 months of regular consumption.  It is important that one consumes JUVO Organic Raw Meal regularly for a year, and it will result in stronger immunity against many disorders.

  • Q. JUVO Organic Raw Meal is good for dieting, but what about for the people who want to gain weight?

    A: JUVO contains many more nutrients than cooked or processed foods. The important thing is to provide plenty of nutrients to the body. Therefore, those who are underweight can maintain normal weight.

    Those who cannot maintain normal weight have problems because they cannot maintain a healthy rhythm for their bodies. In order to maintain a healthy rhythm, the most important thing is to intake enough nutrients and if this rhythm is established, it ultimately leads to a normal weight.

    If you want to gain weight, it is best to take JUVO on top of your regular meals as an extra snack/meal for the day.

  • Q.Why do we experience rashes on the skin, diarrhea, headaches, exhaustion, and sleepiness while eating JUVO? What should I do? I think the symptoms are getting worse. Do I still continue eating JUVO?

    A:Unhealthy people have a large amount of toxic materials in their body. Eating raw food enables the body to find nutritional balance. The temporary symptoms are caused by positive reactions during that process.  If you eat JUVO Organic Raw Meal regularly, your body will adjust to this new and healthy eating regimen.

    Not everyone experiences these symptoms as it varies from individual to individual.  Generally, the body can adapt within 3 to 7 days but in certain cases it can last up to two months.  For this reason, many people stop eating JUVO but it is recommended that one continues to eat JUVO regularly until toxic materials are eliminated from the body.  However, if one cannot endure the pain of these symptoms, one can reduce the amount of JUVO to half a serving to let the body gradually adapt to JUVO. As the symptoms subside, you can gradually increase your serving size to the recommended amount.  Additionally, drinking a lot of spring water helps to improve the symptoms.  Plenty of intake of fluids hastens the elimination process of toxic materials within our bodies.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables also helps to eliminate toxic materials quicker.

  • Q.Is there anyone who should not eat JUVO Organic Raw Meal?

    A:Children, pregnant woman, elderly, and anyone can eat JUVO Organic Raw Meal because it is all-natural and full of living nutrients.

    JUVO Organic Raw Meal is a perfect food source for those who require a lot of nutrients such as infants, children, teenagers, pregnant and breast-feeding woman.  At times like these, raw food is not only an ideal substitute meal but can also be eaten as snack and fulfill the body’s nutritional needs at the proper time.